Jessica Murphy CMT



~with balance, comes healing~


As we focus on our day to day lives, it is often easy for us to allow the daily grind to render our bodies, mind, and spirit to become unbalanced, often without even realizing. The telltale signs of tired, sore muscles, lethargy, difficulty sleeping, and overall feeling of the mundane discomfort we allow ourselves to become accustomed to, are our body's way of saying, "I need me time!".

The practice of massage therapy has been providing balance and well being for centuries. From the furthest reaches of the world, the practice has been handed down to find itself in our modern day, and still provides the essential facilitation for healing as in centuries ago, and is perhaps needed now more so than ever.

Whether you are in need of addressing chronic pain or tension, old injuries, or simply seeking a therapeutic massage for relaxation and preventative self care, you will have unequivocally begun the process of restoring your body, mind, and spirit to the wellness and balance you so rightly need and deserve.

Diversity is welcomed, honored, and safe here.