Jessica Murphy CMT

About Your Practitioner



My name is Jessica Murphy, I have been in the field of massage therapy and the Healing Arts since 2009. I received my training from the National Holistic Institute as well as PCDI Nutrition Specialist Program (2005).

My philosophy is, that "with balance, comes healing". Once the body, mind, and spirit are restored to alignment, the stage has been set for the healing of your Greater Self.

My practice focuses primarily on integrative therapy, blending Eastern and Western technique. Meaning, that many different aspects and modalities of massage are used during any given session. Encompassing the wisdom and teachings of both Eastern and Western practices to develop a type of "balanced diet" for all aspects of your Greater Self. The basis for this is that, no one issue has caused imbalance and misalignment in the body. Therefore, no one technique will address all of the issues and allow for healing.

After a thorough assessment of each client, a session, or series of sessions will be planned and custom tailored to each client and their individual needs. A session may include, joint mobility, active stretching, acupressure, polarity, and trigger point therapy. A series of sessions may begin with simple effleurage and gentle range of motion, and eventually work up to more intensive work such as deep tissue and myofascial therapy.

It is my humble joy to have been called to this field. My purpose grows every time I see improvement in my clients' well being, and hear their words that speak of relief.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to serving you.

Yours in health and wellness,